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General Enquiries:

The NNBC is managed and co-ordinated by the Committee, which is elected by the members. The designated committee members for the coming year are:

Committee members:

ChairmanRichard Poyer Tel: 07936909649 For web info and photos etc
SecretaryPaul Ashdown
01665 576771
TreasurerAlan Yeoman
Membership SecretaryFiona Southern Tel: 01668 214481
Bird RecorderPaul Armstrong contacted on
Programme SecretaryLiz Harrison
Newsletter EditorJohn McCutcheon
Website EditorRichard Poyer
Committee membersNeil Hinchcliff
Alan Goodall

Contributions for the Website

The Club welcomes information about interesting bird sightings in the North Northumberland area, contributions to the News pages, and recent bird photographs for the website.

Photographs: We would be delighted to receive photos to accompany bird sightings, or other local bird photos for the website. The longest side of any photo sent should be at least 1000 pixels on the longest side. Preferably not portrait format.

Contributions and photos to:

Records to: