English Winter Bird Survey

In Partnership with Natural England and Defra, the BTO are organising a winter bird survey on the the exisiting Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) squares, prioritising farmland habitat.  Of the 100 BBS squares in the Northumberland BTO region, around half are priority squares.  A maximum of four visits is required, but if time and weather doesn’t facilitate this, two visits in January through to March will suffice.

If you are able to help or would like to know more please visit the BTO website, under volunteer surveys, or email me, Muriel Cadwallender, at  and I’ll send you a list of available squares.


Andrew Craggs is needing more volunteers to carry out low tide counts – one each month from November to February

25th November 9am –
16th December 2pm –
13th January 1pm –
10th February 11am –
If you are interested and can help please contact Andrew – 01289 381470 or 07803228413 or