Close encounter with a Barn Owl
Club members Martine and Paul were on a usual walk on Saturday morning (near Embleton’s Golf Course) when a barn owl slowly flew towards them from the bottom of the hill and landed metres from them in the bracken. Marine took the photo as it flew off again. “A lucky shot with my pocket camera”, she says., “It got so close, we held our breath and didn’t dare even to blink.”
Take my best side please – Margaret

Travelling to Boulmer this barn owl was almost within touching distance as Alan stopped and Margaret wound her window down. What a pose and what shots.

Ring Ouzel time in the Harthope Valley

Two members, both Davids, went to the Harthope Valley yesterday to see the ring ouzels that arrive in fields alongside Hareshaw Linn.

As well as the birds, one also saw and photographed an adder and common lizard.

Many thanks to both for their photographs.

Mandy took this great shot of a chiffchaff at Seahouses Farm this morning (30/03/21)

Phil Hanmer caught up with the hooded crow at Howick in early March 21

Margaret and Alan catch up with the Berwick snow buntings and Embleton little owl

The buntings must have been after the flies, which is what the black blobs are – not faults in Margaret’s camera. Thanks for these Margaret.

David Richens has been enjoying watching a water rail at Wooler Common and has taken these great photographs – thanks David

Margaret and Alan have been out and about locally with scaup from Ladyburn Lake, kestrel at Low Newton and 1st winter Caspian gull at Amble. Many thanks for these.

Great photographs of male red- breasted merganser at Ladyburn Lake

Margaret and Alan got close to this bird and were able to get good shots of its extravagant plumage and colouring.

Barn Owl on Wooler Common

David walks on the Common first light most mornings and sees this Barn Owl regularly.

Thanks for these David


Mandy’s photographs of the birds seeking shelter and food in the fields at Howick last week

What a range of birds and great shots.

Margaret and Alan were passing Seahouses Golf Club Pond when they saw

this Red-necked Grebe taking on too much of a meal!! Great shots Margaret

Alison’s photographs from the McCormick’s trip to Islay October 2020

Margaret was on hand to get these shots of the colourful Bluethroat at Boulmer

Jill’s menacing Sparrowhawk seen in the road to West Ord last Saturday – thanks Jill

Jill think’s that the bird might be a 2nd year one – based on it’s moult

Philip Hanmer’s photograph of the Avocets at Low Newton

Margaret’s photographs of the Pacific Golden Plover at Low Newton in August 2020

Great photos – thanks very much Margaret

Margaret and Alan continue their Goosander story

You may remember Margaret and Alan’s daily exercise walk along the Aln and their encounter with the goosander. Now there is a family and Margaret took some superb photographs of them. Also of a pied wagtail on the same outing.

Margaret’s Barn Owl photographs from Cresswell this week

Jill and Liz found this uncommon warbler when visiting a wood in the north of the area – Wood Warbler!!. Only 18 sightings in Birds in Northumbria in 2018. Thanks for the good photo in difficult conditions Jill.

Amanda, who lives in Howick village, has been taking advantage of the coastal footpath for her walks over the lfew weeks and these are some of the birds she has seen. Perhaps the most interesting were the grasshopper warblers close to the Bathing House. Thanks for these Amanda.

The most northerly Avocet chicks in England (we think)- Low Newton Scrape

  • The Dangers of Margaret and Alan’s garden – watch out Stock Dove

Margaret and Alan’s Daily Exercise Birds

With a circular route form Allerburn Lea, Margaret and Alan saw some good birding sights, So they have been watching a lapwing family with 3 chicks – how special.

Along the Aln they have regularly seen a pair of goosanders and then there is the buzzard overhead – watch out lapwing chicks!

Many thanks to Margaret for the photos

Wheatears south of the Coquet! – heading for the Harthope or College Valleys perhaps

Two friends at Stobswood walk and cycle on the extensive tracks of the restored Maidenhall open cast site, They often see interesting birds – Short-eared Owl and Yellow Wagtail. On Tuesday they saw 6 newly arrived Wheatears. Last year Dale bought a long lens for just such an occasion. Many thanks for the lovely photos Dale.


Margaret and Alan, walking  from home to the Aln on the edge of Alnwick, have seen some good birds.

Who would think that a dipper would be nesting under the A1 or a pair of goosander would also be nearby?

David Richens has been having up to 6 redpoll on his feeder. Is it Common or Lesser?

Last Sunday Alison and Stewart were at Branton Ponds and photographed these smart Goldeneye

Yearle Starling murmuration – photographs from Alison and Stewart

Mike Elder’s photos of Purple Sandpipers, Oystercatcher, Dunlin, Starling and Brent Geese whilst out and about in Northumberland. Thanks for these Mike.

Alnmouth meadows – Margaret took these photos this weekend – 22nd Feb.- one of the Russian White Fronts with Canada and Greylag Geese.

Margaret and Alan’s recent interesting sightings

The Leucistic Coot photographs are nearly 6 months apart. The Water Rail was busy feeding at Hauxley and seen form the Skua hide. The female Sparrowhawk was hunting at Cresswell.

Interesting “garden” birds from Mike Elder, Embleton

Mike shot the Redstart and Little Owl in his garden and the Chiffchaff at Low Newton – thanks Mike

Redstart in Embleton

Chiffchaff at Low Newton

Little Owl at Embleton

Whooper’s arriving …….and departing!

David Richens was at Norham on Monday afternoon (28th Oct.) and was lucky enough to see the arrival of over 100 Whooper Swans. After 15 mins. they were on their way elsewhere! But here is the evidence Thanks David




Mistle Thrushes on Wooler Common

Last week David Richens saw 20 or so Mistle Thrush feeding on berries – an influx from the continent perhaps?

I’ve just put Phil Hanmer’s September Ringers Report on the Website and in it he writes about his team trapping 6 Mistle Thrushes at Howick around the same time as David saw his. Phil thinks that they were a local flock rather than from the continent.

Many thanks for the photos David.

Spindlestone : Margaret’s great series of photographs of a kingfisher in action at the South Hide

Some of Alison’s photographs from a visit to the Farnes this July.


Margaret and Alan Goodall have been bird holidaying in the Cairngorms.

Below are some great photos taken by Margaret.

Slavonian Grebe

Slavonian Grebe

Black-throated Diver

Black-throated Diver

Pied Flycatcher


Margaret and Alan are in Norfolk at the moment and Margaret took this great photograph of a Turtle Dove – sadly absent from Northumberland

One of a series from Margaret Goodall, many thanks Margaret. Purple Sandpiper at Boulmer

Barnacle Goose at Linton

Gadwall at Linton

Goldeneye at Linton

Wren at Woodhorn Flash

Margaret Goodall took this smart looking Yellowhammer at Spindlestone today


Winter comes to Yearle : Stewart and Alison took great photos on Saturday when the snow came. Siskin and Redpoll on the feeders and starling in flight and then roosting in a nearby tree.

A very unexpected Sparrowhawk in RP’s back yard! – eating a poor sparrow

Margaret’s smashing photographs of snow bunting at St. Mary’s Island

The first of a series of Wigeon photographs taken over 90 minutes as they left the main River Coquet channel to go up the Old Water to graze on the salt marsh

About 300 of the 1200 Golden Plover on the Coquet Estuary

Black-tailed Godwit on the Old Water, Coquet Estuary at high tide

A lovely photograph of a Redpoll from David Richens

Brambling in Margaret and Alan’s Garden

Taiga Bean Goose near Newham Hall thanks to Margaret

Dunlin in flight

Photos from Sandham Bay (Holy Island) on the 28th December

Oystercatchers and Bar-tailed Godwits


Alison and Stewart were on Long Nanny on the 27th December and Alison took these great photos of the Shorelark.

Peregrine Falcon at Newton Point 22nd December 2018         A great shot – thank you Margaret

A great spot by Margaret and Alan at Spindleston. How often have you seen a Greater Spotted Woodpecker drinking AND with a reflection.?

Sparrowhawk in Alan and Margaret’s garden

Juvenile Red-backed Shrike at Newbiggin Margaret

Barnacle Goose at QE2 Country Park Margaret

Africa Pygmy Kingfisher

Woodland Kingfisher

Broad -billed Roller

Little Bee-eater

Long-tailed Glossy Starling

Pied Kingfisher

White-throated Bee-eater

Alison and Stewart recently went to Gambia on a bird watching trip and Alison has shared some of her great photographs from the trip.

Red-necked Grebe at Buston Links Margaret Goodall. It came in on the morning high tide, was “stranded” by the car park and then left on the afternoon high tide!

Goldeneye back on the Coquet at The Hermitage

1st Winter Guillemot at The Hermitage, Warkworth Richard

Two Bewick Swans with Whooper Swan on the Coquet showing size difference and bill colouring. Margaret Goodall


Snow Bunting on Lindisfarne Alison

Bewick Swans with Mute Swan on the Coquet to show size differences. Margaret Goodall


Twite at Druridge Bay Richard

Twite bathing Druridge Bay Richard

Tree Creeper at Spindlestone Jill

Moorhen at Spindlestone Jill

Brambling at Spindlestone Jill

Brambling at Spindlestone Jill