About Us

History and aims of the NNBC

Honorary President- Graham Bell

The North Northumberland Bird Club was set up in 1984, by a group of local enthusiasts who recognised and responded to the need for a local bird club in this, the richest (bird-wise) part of Northumberland. The Founder and Chairman, Graham Bell, who retired after thirty years of service is now our Honorary President.

The popularity and membership of the club have grown steadily, and there are over 180 members. They range in expertise from beginners to very knowledgeable ornithologists.

The NNBC is managed and co-ordinated by the Committee which is elected by the members. Committee members organise the indoor meetings, field trips, edit the Newsletter and Website, manage Facebook, keep the bird sightings records and are involved in a number of other activities and projects on behalf of the club. The club has five aims:

  • To provide entertainment and instruction on the theme of wild birds
  • To increase our knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of them
  • To enable like-minded people to meet one another and share their interest
  • To record and publish local bird observations from members
  • To support conservation projects and surveys

Area Covered by the NNBC

The bird recording area extends approximately from the Tweed on the Scottish border south to Amble, and from Rothbury in the west to the east coast. Records of bird sightings sent in by members are published in the following month’s newsletter and also sent to the County Recorder. The County Recorder network across the UK is co-ordinated by the BTO

Our members and visitors to meetings come from a wide area – from St. Abbs and Duns in the north, and south to Newcastle, Durham and even Surrey and Kent!

Ring Ouzel – Emblem of the NNBC

Ring Ousel Photo by John Wilson

No bird symbolises the wild uplands of North Northumberland more than the Ring Ouzel, and it is also a typical migrant along the coast. In 1984 a Thomas Bewick engraving of this bird was chosen for our Club logo. (click on this link for further information on Thomas Bewick of Cherryburn and our logo). The Ring Ouzel is one of his most natural-looking engravings, and its clear, sharp outline makes a distinctive and appropriate symbol for our Club. Graham Bell.