January 2019  Lindisfarne NNR – thanks to Andrew Craggs, Senior Reserve Manager for the data

2,900 Golden Plover, 970 Lapwing, 42 Shoveler, 17 Whooper Swan, 750 Wigeon; 60 Sanderlings at Budle Bay on the 20th; 6,000 Pink Feet flying off roost North Shore to Goswick Sands on the 25th

November : The Coquet Estuary has seen up to 90 Whooper Swans together with 2 Bewicks. On the coast there have been Shorelarks and Snowbunting at Buston (the dunes north of Warkworth) and up to 80 Twite and some Snowbunting at Druridge Bay.

October Highlights:The Whooper Swans have returned with sightings at Branton and Fenham, Barnacles were in good numbers at Fenham and Beal whilst the Davison’s had interesting diver sightings. Lindisfarne was the place to be on the 14th when the McCormick’s and Davison’s had a lot of good birds – Bearded Tit and Bramblings. Alan and Margaret had a fine bird with a Black Scoter.

Andrew Craggs is sending NNBC the LNNR peak counts and for October they are :Pink-footed 6,500 , Barnacles 4,500, Wigeon 16,138, Whoopers 100, Golden Plover 2,800, Light-bellied Brent 3,600

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